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Markard, J., Truffer, B., 2008. Actor-oriented analysis of innovation systems: exploring micro-meso level linkages in the case of stationary fuel cells. Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, 20 (4), 443-464 Document
Markard, J., Truffer, B., 2008. Technological innovation systems and the multi-level perspective: towards an integrated framework. Research Policy, 37 (4), 596-615 Document
Musiolik, J., Markard, J. 2011. Creating and shaping innovation systems: Formal networks in the innovation system for stationary fuel cells in Germany. Energy Policy, 39(4): 1909-1922. Document
Nannen, V., and J.C.J.M. van den Bergh (2010). Policy instruments for evolution of bounded rationality: Application to climate-energy problems. Technological Forecasting and Social Change 77(1): 7693. Document
Pant, L. P., Adhikari, B. and Bhattarai, K. K. (2015) Adaptive Transition for Transformations to Sustainability in Developing Countries. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 14: 206-212. Document
Raven, R.P.J.M., Geels, F.W. (2010), Socio-cognitive evolution in the dynamics of niche-development trajectories: Comparative analysis of biogas development in Denmark and the Netherlands (1973-2004), Technovation, 30, 87-99 Document
Raven, R.P.J.M., Jolivet, E., Mourik, R.M., Feenstra, C.F.J. (2009), ESTEEM ? Managing societal acceptance in new energy projects. A toolbox method for project managers. Technological forecasting and social change, 76(7), 963-977. Document
Raven, R.P.J.M., van den Bosch, S., Weterings, R. (2010), Transitions and strategic niche management. Towards a competence kit for practitioners, The International Journal of Technology Management, Special issue on Social Innovation, 51(1), 57-73 Document
Raven, R.P.J.M., Verbong, G.P.J., Schilpzand, W.F., Witkamp, M.J. (2011), Translation mechanisms in socio-technical niches. A case study of Dutch river management, Technology Analysis and Strategic Management 23(10), 1063-1078 Document
Ruef, A., Markard, J., 2010. What happens after a hype? How changing expectations affected innovation activities in the case of stationary fuel cells. Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, 22 (3), 317 - 338 Document