#5thNEST conference – Save the date

The 5th NEST conference will take place on the 7th and 8th of May in Zürich, Switzerland.

Follow the online discussion using #5thNEST.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Zürich. Stay tuned for the call for abstracts following on the 16.10! 

If you want to join the team, don’t hesitate to contact Alejandro (anunez-jimenez@ethz.ch).

The conference is organized by:

  • Alejandro Nunez-Jimenez (ETH Zürich, SusTec),
  • Aline Scherrer (Fraunhofer ISI, Energy Technology and Energy Systems),
  • Jonas Heiberg (UUtrecht & Eawag),
  • Claudia Hohmann (Fraunhofer ISI, Sustainability and Infrastructure Systems),
  • Marius Schwarz (ETH Zürich, SusTec),
  • Gesa Biermann (CDTM München),
  • Andri Brugger (UniNE & Eawag),
  • Severine Roberts (Queens University Belfast) ,
  • Evan Petkov (ETH Zürich, SusTec).

About Julius Wesche

Writing about the German heat Transition | PhD candidate at @UtrechtUni | Work at @FraunhoferISI | Organizer at the NEST |

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