Board & Steering group

Governance of the STRN network is based on four structural elements.

A Board, including a chair, which coordinates the network and has responsibility for core operational tasks. The Steering group (SG), which elects the board members from its midst, gives strategic advice to the board members on the development of the network and fulfills a number of tasks described below. Working groups that coordinate strategic tasks in a temporary, project based way and Thematic groups, which are longer-term fora for interaction of STRN members on specific research topics.


The STRN Board coordinates the network and is responsible for core organizational tasks such as newsletter, website or interaction with third parties on behalf of STRN.

Jochen Markard (Chairman)
ETH Zurich

Lea Fuenfschilling
Lund University

Rob Raven
Monash University

Steering group

The steering group gives strategic advice to the board members on the development of the network.

Steering group (SG) members are experienced transition scholars and / or those who play or want to play an active role in developing the STRN network further.

The SG strives for representational diversity, e.g. in terms of gender, age, topics, research groups and region.

Floortje Alkemade
Eindhoven University of Technology

Anna Bergek
Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg

Jeroen van den Bergh
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Frank Geels
Manchester University

Florian Kern
Institute for Ecological Economy Research, Berlin

Jonathan Köhler
Fraunhofer ISI, Karlsruhe

Susan Mühlemeier
EPFL Lausanne

Daniel Rosenbloom
Carleton University, Ottawa

Jonas Torrens
Utrecht University

Bruno Turnheim
LISIS, Paris

Julius Wesche
Fraunhofer ISI, Karlsruhe
Utrecht University

Anna Wieczorek
Eindhoven University of Technology


The STRN network thanks its past steering group members:

  • Kathleen Araújo
  • Flor Avelino
  • Lars Coenen
  • John Grin
  • Fjalar de Haan
  • Alex Hazeltine
  • Marko Hekkert
  • Paula Kivimaa
  • Derk Loorbach
  • Ulrik Jörgensen
  • Andrew McMeekin
  • Erik Paredis
  • Björn Sanden
  • Uwe Schneidewind
  • Adrian Smith
  • Bernhard Truffer

Website design & management

Jens Marquardt
Freie Universität Berlin