Join the NEST Conference Keynote Lectures May 7-8!

The 2020 NEST conference on May 7 and 8 lives up to its own slogan “Widening sustainability transitions” and is going 100% digital!

To make as many members of the community benefit from this first ever fully digital sustainability transitions conference, we warmly invite you to register now for our public keynotes: 

May 7,  13:15-14.45:

Guiseppe Feola, Associate Professor of Social Change for Sustainability in the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Title: “Why sustainability transition research cannot ignore capitalism”

Flor Avelino, Assistant Professor, Academic Director TAC, Drift

Title: “Power in transition: studying power dynamics in processes of change & innovation”

Register here for Guiseppe and Flor’s joint keynote webinar:  

May 8, 9:00-9.45:

Bernhard Truffer, Professor chair “Geography of Transitions in Urban Infrastructures”, Eawag / Copernicus Institute, Utrecht University

Title: “Why bother about the geography of sustainability transitions? Illustrations from the looming challenges in the urban water management sector” Register here for Bernhard’s keynote webinar:       


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Writing about coalition buliding in the German heat Transition | Member of the STRN steering group | PhD candidate at @UtrechtUni | Work at @FraunhoferISI | Organizer at the NEST |

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