June 23-26, 2019: IST Conference Ottawa, Canada 3

Accelerating sustainability transitions

Building visions, unlocking pathways, navigating conflicts

Over the past few decades the damage being done to global ecosystems by established development trajectories has become increasingly evident. In many sectors and regions sustainability transitions are gathering pace as new technologies, business models and social practices begin to transform existing systems of social provisioning. Yet the current political context is difficult. And in some areas there is increasing resistance to transformative change that promotes sustainability. Above all, progress remains slow when compared to the scale of damage being done to ecosystems and the climate.

The theme of IST 2019 – Accelerating sustainability transitions – seeks to address this challenging context by encouraging researchers and practitioners to examine obstacles to transitions processes and strategies to speed up the transformation of systems of production and consumption. It points to the importance of visions — of improved mobility systems, agricultural and food systems, buildings, cities and rural communities – to coordinate efforts and mobilize change. Raises the challenge of mapping out concrete pathways that can link the present with desirable futures. And emphasises navigation of the inevitable conflicts that accompany any serious efforts at societal change.

This 10th Anniversary event will mark the first time the IST conference has been held outside Europe. It will provide an occasion to highlight the achievements of international transition studies, to introduce researchers who are not yet familiar with transitions literatures to this vibrant community, and to explore complementarities with related research perspectives and approaches.

We look forward to welcoming you in Ottawa in June 2019.

Call for Papers, Deadline extended until January-22, 2019

Conference website

Keynote speakers

Contact: ist2019@carleton.ca


Important dates:

22 January 2019: Abstract submission deadline

22 February 2019: Communication of decisions

22 March 2019: Early bird registration deadline

2 June 2019: Full papers submission deadline

5 June 2019: Regular registration deadline

23-26 June 2019: IST 2019 conference


About Julius Wesche

Writing about coalition buliding in the German heat Transition | Member of the STRN steering group | PhD candidate at @UtrechtUni | Work at @FraunhoferISI | Organizer at the NEST |

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3 thoughts on “June 23-26, 2019: IST Conference Ottawa, Canada

  • Ahmed Azam


    My Name is Ahmed Azam from Long Beach, CA. I would like to attend this conference, is it still okay to register. Please let me know.

    Ahmed Azam
    DeVry University

  • James Kushe

    Its been 3 days of intense deliberations and information acquisition. It was my first time to attend such a meeting in which attempts are being made to speak to the changed in our society. What I found fascinating is the attempts to allow research inform the changes society is going through and understand the pathways the changes take. Society transformation in various aspects of life will really help to sustain the notions of livelihood. I would like to corroborate with researchers who have experience in energy economics and governance.
    My question is how can we treat energy as a social good in a sustainable way in the countries with rapid population growth, dwindling economic growth and adoption of technologies from outside countries.