More than 200 participants at first #NESTwebinar

We are very happy to announce, that more than 200 people attended the first edition of the #NESTwebinar series. For the first webinar we were joined by Jochen Markard who gave us an introduction into the field of socio-technical transitions.

The next webinars will be with Marko Hekkert, Frank Geels and Karoline Rogge:

  • 23.06 – 15.30 CEST – prof. Marko Hekkert on Technological Innovation Systems
  • 30.06 – 15.30 CEST – prof. Frank Geels on the Multi-Level Perspective
  • 23.07 – 14.30 CEST – prof. Karoline Rogge on policy mixes

We are looking forward to see you there. Next time we will try to make the webinar more interactive.

For inquiries please contact Abe Hendriks, Leonard Frank, Julius Wesche,


About Julius Wesche

Writing about coalition buliding in the German heat Transition | Member of the STRN steering group | PhD candidate at @UtrechtUni | Work at @FraunhoferISI | Organizer at the NEST |

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