NEST 2020: May 7-8, Virtual


The 5th NEST conference will not take place as planned.

However, since we have invested so much of our time and enthusiasm in this event, we are assessing a way to organize a fully digitalized NEST conference. We are confident to be able to inform you about the feasibility of this plan in the coming days and will keep you posted.

The global initiative to target 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Paris Climate Agreement and the latest IPCC report (2018) underline the urgency of grand sustainability challenges such as climate change and the depletion of natural resources. To address grand challenges, transitions need to widen in scope: Complementary and competing innovations emerge, business relationships across sectors intensify, and adjacent sectors are affected through knock-on effects. At the same time, the inherent logic of capitalism is increasingly challenged, calling for a widening of the transitions field towards visions for a sustainable economy that exceeds the green growth narrative. However, such a widening of transitions also increases their complexity and, in turn, makes policy-making more challenging.This year’s NEST conference is concerned with the notion of “widening”. With the need for transitions to widen in scope, the question arises if the field of sustainability transitions studies is geared up to address and understand this notion. We invite abstracts that focus on -but are not limited to -the widening of sustainability transitions

The two-day conference provides a unique platform for junior scholars (Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers) to present their work-in-progress to an audience of like-minded scholars. In addition, we provide keynote lectures, interactive workshops, and plenty of room for informal discussions and networking with other junior scholars. This year’s NEST conference will take place at Eawag, in Dübendorfnear Zürich. To guarantee personal, in-depth exchange, attendance is limited to 80 participants

Surging right before the deadline, submissions to participate in the 5th NEST conference have surpassed the organizers’ expectations. In total, about 130 submissions were sent from all corners of the World, from North America to South Africa, East Asia and the North of Europe. In the coming weeks, the organizing committee will carefully review the submissions and select 80 participants based on scientific relevance and quality of the applications.
Decisions will be communicated by mid-January 2020.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Zürich.

For further inquiries, please contact the organizing team at

The conference is organized by:

  • Alejandro Nunez-Jimenez (ETH Zürich, SusTec),
  • Aline Scherrer (Fraunhofer ISI, Energy Technology and Energy Systems),
  • Jonas Heiberg (UUtrecht & Eawag),
  • Claudia Hohmann (Fraunhofer ISI, Sustainability and Infrastructure Systems),
  • Marius Schwarz (ETH Zürich, SusTec),
  • Gesa Biermann (CDTM München),
  • Andri Brugger (UniNE & Eawag),
  • Severine Roberts (Queens University Belfast) ,
  • Evan Petkov (ETH Zürich, SusTec).

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