NEST webinar series kicks off on Tuesday 26 May

On Tuesday 26 May 15.30-17.00 CEST, we will have our first NEST webinar. The chair of the STRN community, dr. Jochen Markard will give us an introduction to the field of sustainability transitions. The focus is on providing an introduction to and discuss key concepts in the field, as well as to address current developments. In further webinars we will go more into detail about some of the key concepts.

In this webinar series, we aim to facilitate both the online dialogue between early career researchers and senior researchers in the field, as well as creating a platform where the recordings of the webinar will be stored and can be watched later again. We will do this via YouTube and after the first webinar the YouTube channel can be reached via the NEST twitter (@TransitionsNEST) and the NEST blog (

Please sign up for this first webinar via the following link and we will soon provide you with a Zoom link: If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Abe Hendriks (

The webinar series is organized by the three following NEST members: Leonard Frank, Julius Wesche and Abe Hendriks.


About Julius Wesche

Writing about coalition buliding in the German heat Transition | Member of the STRN steering group | PhD candidate at @UtrechtUni | Work at @FraunhoferISI | Organizer at the NEST |

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