Full name

Aiydh Aljeddani

Institution / Affiliation

University of Exeter

Short biography

Aiydh is coming from well educated family and education is well established among his family’s members. This has led to create his personality and his vision for seeking knowledge and value of it. Aiydh has over 13 years teaching experience, three years experience as an educational consultant. Since 2009, his interest towards sustainability have been increased dramatically. In 2009, he invited to visit and stay in France for month and this opportunity allow him to explore its valuable contribution towards sustainability and met scholars. He graduated his Master in 2010 with honours on the topic” the development of responsibility among primary school children from the perspective of Islamic education and its applications in family and school”. After that, he had a chance to travel to Canada for one year and a half to increase his knowledge,thought and experience regarding sustainability. in 2013, he had a chance to visit to practical examples of work towards sustainability such as eco house Belgium and Eco school in France. He has network with many National operators of Eco school around the world. Currently, he is a PhD candidate at University of Exeter to be specialist in Education for sustainable development.

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42 chamberlain road



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