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Aniek Hebinck

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Wageningen University

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I am interested in unfolding sustainability practices and exploring how these are constructed. In this I am combining my background in nutrition and sociology with my love for food by focusing on food provisioning.

Currently I am a junior researcher in the TRANSMANGO project that was initiated by the EU and aims to obtain a comprehensive picture of the impact of global drivers of change on Europe’s food security.
My own research is focused on sustainable food provisioning and in particular their construction and the incorporation of social justice. To explore how food provisioning is constructed I use two Dutch case-studies; the Dutch food bank and urban food initiatives. Drawing on key insights of Transformative Social Innovation theory I aim to analyse these initiatives in wider processes of change by interrogating the effect of ‘game-changers’, ‘narratives of change’ and system-innovation on food provisioning practices. The incorporation of social justice will be assessed by reflecting on the inclusion of a rights-based approach. The aim is to contribute to a better understanding of just sustainable food provisioning.

In addition to my research and the EU-project, I’m also involved in several courses ranging in themes from rural-urban linkages to international development.

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Veerstraat 66



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