Full name

Boelie Elzen

Institution / Affiliation

Wageninen University and Research Centre (WUR)

Short biography

Boelie Elzen has a degree in electrical engineering (1979) and a Ph.D in technology studies (1988). Since 1979 he has had several research posts at various universities in the Netherlands and abroad. His general research interest is in understanding so-called transition processes (also called system innovations) and to explore ways to induce and stimulate transitions towards sustainability (governance of transitions). Until September 2006 he was employed by the university of Twente, mainly studying transitions in the passenger mobility domain. After that, he was employed by WUR (Wageningen University and Research Centre), dept. of Communication and Innovation Studies (CIS), analysing transitions in the agriculture sector. Two key projects focused on monitoring and evaluation of system innovation projects and on how to ‘anchor’ the results of learning processes in niches such that they have an impact in an existing system and may form the germs for a transition. As of January 2008 he is employed by the System Innovations Cluster of WUR-Livestock Research. Building further on previous work at CIS the focus in his present research is on monitoring and evaluation of projects that seek to induce system innovation and on a ‘learning and experimentation strategy’ for system innovation projects.

Work address

Troelstrastraat 35


7556 EH

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+31 74 291 6637