Full name

Karlson Hargroves

Institution / Affiliation

Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute

Short biography

After graduating from the University of Adelaide in 2000, and spending two years as a practicing civil/structural design engineer, Charlie co-founded ‘The Natural Edge Project’ (TNEP), an internationally recognised Sustainability Think-Tank, in partnership with Curtin University, Adelaide University, QUT, ANU, and Griffith University. Charlie has led the TNEP team, including Cheryl Desha, Peter Stasinopoulos, and Michael Smith, to deliver five international books on sustainable development (currently selling over 85,000 copies in 4 languages). The first book won the Australian Banksia Award for Environmental Leadership, Education and Training in 2005, and the two released in 2010 were ranked among the ‘Top 40 Sustainability Books’ in the world that year by the Cambridge Sustainability Leaders Program (with ‘Cents and Sustainability’ ranked 5th and ‘Factor 5’ ranked 12th). Charlie is a Senior Research Fellow at the Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute, working with Professor Peter Newman, and is the Sustainable Development Fellow at the University of Adelaide. Charlie works on a series of national and international projects with the TNEP and CUSP teams on sustainability across technology policy, capacity building, and behavior change, while completing his PhD part time. Charlie lives in Adelaide and he and his wife, Stacey, have two children, Grace and Tyson.

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11a Cedar Avenue



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