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Carlos Cano Viktorsson

Institution / Affiliation

KTH – Royal Institute of Technology

Short biography

Ph.D. candidate I have a background in social and cultural anthropology with a focus on computer and systems studies where my main interests have been in looking at the use of communication technologies from an anthropological perspective. Having worked several years as an anthropologist both in the private and public sector doing research on organizational and value driven management I have developed a rather keen interest in the relationship and possible interplay between different forms of communications technology and the individual throughout history. My principal research interests lie within the field of IT and communication technologies studies from both an anthropological and historical perspective. I am primarily interested in how the immediate conditions, expectations and ideas of people and groups are reflected in both their use and development of these technologies and how they may be expressed differently throughout time and space. Dissertation project In my current PhD research work I look at both recent and historical examples of how institutional drivers and barriers may affect any present attempts at fomenting a more environmentally and resourcefully friendly city development in Stockholm through the use of information and communication technologies. I am part of the TRACS project (Travel Planner for Sustainable Cities) at CESC (Centre for Sustainable Communications) where the aim of the project is to research how an ICT based travel planner may be introduced to achieve a more environmentally friendly and sustainable traffic situation in Stockholm City that favors public transportation, walkways and bicycle travel by convincing commuters to choose a more environmentally friendly means of transportation. TRACS (Travel Planner for Sustainable Cities)

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Lindstedtsvägen 3


100 44

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