Full name

Hastings Chiwasa

Institution / Affiliation

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

Short biography

I am a doctoral student at BOKU in Vienna btu I also have wide experience in working with rural smallholder farmers on improving their livelihoods through promotion of sustainable agricultural practices and technologies and innovative commuication/facilitation tools such as videos. My study is on how how to integrate agricultural videos in transforming smallholder farming systems. I will carry my study in Malawi where I am also working as a Lecturer in Agricultural Extension and Rural Development. my main research question that I am pursuing now is “How can agricultural videos be facilitated or mobilised to transform smallholder farmers agriculturals systems?”

Expertise (keywords)

Managing complex adaptive systems, Agriculture, Development studies, Transition systems, Innovations

Work address

Briggitenaue Lande 224



City / location