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Chris joined the IESD as a Senior Research Fellow in march 2010. He is working on the CASCADE (Complex Adaptive Systems, Cognitive Agents and Distributed Energy). The research project provides opportunity to gain important insights into the emergence of self organisation and the evolution of complex adaptive systems, namely smart grid and the transition to more sustainable low carbon energy systems. In the past four years, Christophe has been involved in rural projects in Africa and Asia on access to productive use of energy, financing low carbon initiatives and technology appropriation, regional low carbon development plans for UNDP, World Bank, Bilateral Official Cooperation and NGOs. He has been following the climate negotiations (COP) since 2000, with an interest especially on innovation for alternative (low carbon) development paths. His PhD in economics was carried out at IEPE (Institute of Energy Policy and Economics, now Lepii, France) in collaboration ARCELOR-Mittal and ADEME (French Environmental Agency) where he contributed to the research agenda on system innovations and in particular on the adoption of radical innovations in the framework of the ULCOS project (standing for Ultra Low CO2 Steelmaking). He was using and contributing to the POLES model and its material modules (currently used by several French and European institutions or companies, in order to design and assess their energy and climate policies). This partial equilibrium model of the world energy system addresses the different issues raised by the introduction of GHG emission constraints through a consistent economic framework that articulates the use of market based instruments with the evolutionary processes of induced technical change He is a graduate from the Master in Environment of ISIGE (common to Ecoles des Mines, des Ponts et Chaussées et du Génie Rural et des des Eaux et Forêts). He holds an engineer degree in Process Engineering from the INPG. Between 1999 and 2002, he worked in the Norwegian company Norske Skog and then Arthur Andersen Environmental Risk Consulting with a special interest on Public Policy Evaluation. Since 2009, he is also a co founder of R&R Resilience (not for profit, under registration SCIC French status), working on the modernisation of traditional knowledge, biomimicry and the possible contribution of those approaches to fair socio technical transitions.

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