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David Peck

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TU Delft

Short biography

David’s earlier career was in the aerospace sector in an engineering role as a Project Manager. Following this 15 year period of senior global organisational experience he then moved into higher education with Senior Lectureships in engineering management and operations management. A development into the field of industrial design allowed him to explore the developing field of inter-disciplinary sustainable product innovation.
His current research at TU Delft, aims to establish the level of awareness and understanding of critical materials in companies. The companies are involved in product design – manufacturing activities. This research has a focus around the new product development process as the start point to a more circular critical materials response from a product design & innovation approach. David has been appointed the TU Delft researcher with the EU FP7 funded research project, CRM_Innonet and he is also mentor for the Schmidt-MacArthur fellowship with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation for a circular economy.

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Landbergstraat 15



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