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David G. Maskalick

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BiotecConnect, Inc.

Short biography

I founded BiotecConnect, Inc. to facilitate technology transfer and commercialization of discoveries made by biotechnology and nanotechnology discovery research scientists to satisfy the market for basic human needs globally. Only medical needs in the developed communities on our planet Earth have been addressed by application of biotechnology and nanotechnology discoveries. Yet one out of every six people on our planet Earth do not have access to clean drinking water. Almost as many people go without adequate food because agriculture is so limited where they live. These same billions of people who live on one dollar a day do not have adequate materials for clothing and housing. Furthermore, the clothing and buildings constructed in the developed parts of our planet Earth are frequently not constructed with materials that can be easily recycled into the geological and ecological systems of our planet Earth. Instead, many hazardous waste products placed in the land, water, and atmosphere are decreasing the biodiversity which supports all life on our planet Earth. Additionally as the population of humanity increases the demand for sanitation of waste products increases since untreated waste only increases the risk of adverse health conditions. Finally, since fossil fuels will soon be exhausted, cooking, heating, cooling, and operating machinery, with an alternative fuel is now a major challenge people must solve to sustain human life on our planet Earth. In fact, bio-fuels could be made from human and agricultural waste products which would not adversely affect the food supply and would have a positive effect on sanitation systems. Thus, to sustain life on our planet Earth, and, to sustain future generations of humanity on our planet Earth, more discovery research programs are needed that focus on sustaining the following eight basic needs of humanity. 1) Clean air to breathe, 2) clean water to drink, 3) food and agriculture, 4, bio-materials for clothing and buildings, 5) bio-fuels, 6) bio-sanitation, and 7) biodiversity, in addition to 8) medical care. Commercialization of intellectual property produced by these newly recognized discovery research programs will be facilitated by competitive technology transfer organizations, e.g. BiotecConnect, Inc., which share the potential applications of intellectual property over the World Wide Web.

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10106 Deer View Point



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United States

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