Full name

Dharmendra Parekh

Institution / Affiliation

VBT Institute of Technology & Research Centre, Umrakh

Short biography

Centre for Environmental Research, VBT Institute of Technology & Research Centre, Umrakh-Bardoli, Dist. Surat, Gujarat, India
Environmental Science
Research and Development

Assignment & Achievements

1. Awarded sponsored Research project as a Co-PI for “Waste Plastic to Liquid Fuel” by Gujarat Energy Development Agency, Gandhinagar. Grant: Rs. 2.42 Lakhs.
2. Awarded sponsored Researched project as a Guide for “Effect of HHO gas as a co-fuel in petrol engine – study of performance and exhaust emission” by Gujarat Council on Science & Technology. Grant: Rs. 0.15 Lakhs
3. Awarded Sponsored Research project as a Co-PI for “Co-pyrolysis of de-oiled cake of Jatropha & Waste Plastics to produce upgraded bio fuel.” by MNRE-New Delhi, Grant: Rs.20.00 Lakh Phase-I.
4. Preparation of research proposal for funding agencies.
5. Have designed & developed Lab & pilot unit for Pyrolysis of Biomass & waste plastic.
6. Lead a survey team to study waste water and air pollution generation for more than 50 Industries under the project of Environment research centre.

7. Conducted research to prepare a feed material for anaerobic digestion to get domestic bio gas at kitchen.
8. Established Gujarat’s first commercial Jatropha based bio diesel production facilities.
9. Conducts all required activities to establish new innovative research based renewable energy project.
10. Preparation of different bio energy plantation models.
11. Conduct research on higher yielding of Jatropha plants.
12. National level campaign for Jatropha Plantation and policy making process for bio diesel.
13. Number of achievement procured please visit my web site: http://www.adityabioenergy.com/ for highlight.

Work address

11-Abhiraj Nagar, Nr. Krina Flats



City / location

Bardoli Dist.Surat, Gujarat



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