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Doris Fischer

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Deutsches Institut fuer Entwicklungspolitik (DIE)/ German Development Institute

Short biography

Economist and Sinologist with 19 years experience in academic research, teaching and consultancy in Chinese economics. Doris Fischer has done extensive research on competition, regulation and industrial policies in various sectors focusing amongst others on the rationale of Chinese economic policies and resulting incentive structures of economic actors. Her current research focus is on furthering the concept of innovation systems in the context of environmental, low carbon development and climate change policies with a special interest in the challenges posed by large, fast developing countries to the traditional paradigm of industrialization and economic growth. Doris Fischer leads for DIE in a network on China-Europe relations and climate change that brings together DIE, the Institute of Development Studies and the Institute for World Economics and Politics at CASS in Beijing. She is board member of the German Association for Asian Studies.

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Tulpenfeld 6



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