Full name

Giuliana Branciforti

Institution / Affiliation

Humboldt University

Short biography

I was born in Italy (Sicily) in the 1990, I was lucky enough to be exposed to a lot of culture from a young age. During my highschool years I developed a passion for traveling and learning languages that brought me to Canada for an exchange year. There I could learn French and proficienc my English. I studied in Brussels for 5 years where I first graduated in Political science and than in European Studies, with a special focus on EU China Relation, at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Throughout my University year I have engaged in many projects some of them focusing on politics and social inequality others dealing with culture or environmental issues. I also had the chance to spend a semester in Berlin at the Humboldt University and a semester in Shanghai at Fudan University. My interest for environmental issues has been very strong in the past years, I have therefore decided to consolidate it with an additional Master degree in Integrated Natural Resources Management at the Humboldt University where I am currently a student and I am also trying to achieve a good level of German language.

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Eitelstrasse 85



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