Full name

Omar Acosta

Institution / Affiliation

Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities, Essen (Germany)

Short biography

After studying my Law degree in Colombian University (Universidad Santo Tomas) I decided to pursue M.Sc. Environmental Governance (Albert Ludwig’s University) in Freiburg, Germany). With a multidisciplinary profile I am especially interested in the challenges of environmental law implementation. My academic profile also includes being invited as guest to the Center for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition (Max Plank Institute for Human Development, Berlin), and at the Summer School of the International Max Planck Research School on adapting Behavior to a Fundamentally Uncertain World. (Max Planck Institute for Economic research, Jena). These opportunities gave me a multidisciplinary understanding of environmental regulation from a behavioral perspective. I am currently pursuing a PhD in Political Science under the supervision of Prof. Claus Leggewie (KWI Essen, WBGU).

Work address

Grellstr 3



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