Full name

Irina Safitri Zen

Institution / Affiliation

Office of Campus Sustainability

Short biography

I have more than 10 years consultancy experience with Malaysia governance and other international agencies, turn to be Academia in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in 2010. The first task as Head of unit of sustainability, which is upgraded into Office of Campus Sustainability (OCS) in 2013, force me to use an interdisciplinary approach to turn sustainability concept into practice or action. By using the Living Lab approach, combining research, teaching, operations and community outreach, open up the university with various chance of networking and unique collaborative and partnership towards the same goal for a better future environment and social sustainability. As the Director of OCS, the exploratory phase continue and grows with more support from the top management towards sustainability governance. As a Senior Lecture and researcher, i have to be smart to jugling all the key perfomance index for my proffesional and expertist.

Work address

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia



City / location

Johor Bahru



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