Full name

Aboubakar Hayatou Iyabano

Institution / Affiliation

Wageningen University

Short biography

I’m Aboubakar Iyabano, a Cameroonian national and a PhD student (second year) in Wageningen University and Research Center (Knowledge, Technology and Innovation group, with Laurens Klerkx as supervisor) trough the EU funded program, Jointly with Montpellier Supagro-CIRAD, France. I hold an MSc in sustainable development from Montpellier SupAgro/Mediterranean agronomic institute Montpellier (France) and I.r in Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology from National Agricultural University (Cameroon). My PhD topic is the role of farmers’ organizations in the transition towards agro-ecological farming in Burkina Faso. My work is rooted in the literature on sustainability transitions, and the role of grassroots and intermediaries organizations in such transitions. The project will look at farmers’ organizations as intermediaries in the transition towards agro-ecological farming, and how they enable (or may constrain) material and socio-institutional adaptations in current agricultural system in Burkina Faso.

Expertise (keywords)

Knowledge, Technology and Innovation

Work address

Wageningen University and Research Center



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