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Jonathan Busch

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Sustainability Research Institute

Short biography

I joined SRI as a Research Fellow in November 2011, appointed jointly between the School of Earth and Environment and the Institute for Resilient Infrastructure in the School of Civil Engineering. My research is in the fields of Ecological Economics and Industrial Ecology; studying the technological, economic and social basis for a transition to sustainable, low carbon infrastructure systems. Since joining SRI, I have worked on the EPSRC Undermining Infrastructure project, the EPSRC/ESRC iBuild (Infrastructure Business Models, Valuation and Innovation for Local Delivery) centre and the NERC/ESRC funded CVORR (Complex Value Optimisation for Resource Recovery) project. My current work is with CCCEP (the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy), contributing to the research programme on enabling rapid transitions in mitigation and adaptation, focusing on the roles of government, market and civil society actors in low carbon infrastructure innovation and deployment.



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United Kingdom

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44113 34 32663