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Judith Schicklinski

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Free University of Bolzano

Short biography

ACADEMIC BACKGROUNDJudith has earned a graduate degree in teaching (pedagogy, French, English, German and PE) from the University of Education Heidelberg, as well as a French-German post-graduate Master´s Degree in European Studies (political sciences) from the Institut d´Etudes Politiques Strasbourg / the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder).
PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUNDBefore starting her PhD, she had worked in France, Great-Britain, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium and Laos (as teacher as well as intern in the field of migration and development policy). In 2013, she worked as field researcher in the EU-project wwwforEurope inquiring the state of the socio-ecological transition in 40 cities across Europe, and she continues working in this project as research assistant.
RESEARCH INTERESTSHer research interests evolved from pedagogy (early foreign language and intercultural learning) via European Studies (political and legal framework of the EU), focusing on (EU) migration, climate change and development policy, to civil society’s role in the socio-ecological transition. In her research project she explores social innovation in green spaces governance across European cities (keywords: citizen participation, self-organisation, local governance, solidarity economics, green spaces).
LANGUAGESFluent oral and written proficiency in English, French and German, good knowledge of Italian (C1) and good passive knowledge of Spanish (B2).

Expertise (keywords)

sociology, political sciences, economics

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viale Ratisbona 16



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