Full name

Karolina Isaksson

Institution / Affiliation

VTI (Swedish national road and transport research institute)

Short biography

During the last ten years, I have been conducting research that focuses different aspects of conflicts and power exercise in environmental policy and planning. For instance, I have analysed various norms and discourses that shape policy and planning for systainable development. Empirically, my research is focused specific fields of policy and planning like local and regional development planning, transport policy and planning, and mobility management (locally and regionally). Parts of my research have been focusing on the use of specific “tools” like Environmental assessments (EA) in infrastructure planning and local development planning. Other parts of my reseach is focused on the design and implementation of even more specific policy instruments like congestion taxation. Since 2006, I have also been conducting research on environmental justice in Swedish policy and planning.

Work address

Lindstedtsvägen 24


114 28

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+46 766334328