Full name

Klaus Kubeczko

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AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology

Short biography

Dr. Klaus Kubeczko is senior expert advisor at the Innovation Systems Department of AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH. He holds a doctoral degree in economics and social sciences. He has been working on strategic foresight processes on energy transition and urban systems as well as RTI-policy strategies dealing with new mission orientation towards grand societal challenges and has been advising policy makers at European, national and city level for more than 13 years. His research focus lies on developing and applying RTI system heuristics to legitimize sustainability oriented RTI-policies. Klaus has a strong interest in socio-ecological-economic transitions and system innovations for sustainable development. He publishes in academic books and journals, often with colleagues from social and natural sciences and has been in the executive boards of the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy, the European Society for Ecological Economics and the Foundation for European Economic Development. Former research posts include IIASA, IFF Social Ecology and other Austrian universities. Since 2013 he is active in the IEA/OECD Implementing Agreement on Smart Grids as leader of Annex 7 on Smart Grids Transitions and Institutional Change.

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Friedstraße 8/2



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