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Marcos Lana

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ZALF – LSE. Eberswalder Strasse, 84, Müncheberg, D-15374, Germany

Short biography

My entire academic and professional experiences have as background the agricultural sector, with broad focus on the maintenance of an acceptable yield with lower environmental impact and maximal profit. One of my main focal points is the agricultural production with low external inputs, requiring knowledge of the complex interactions of the agroecosystems (economic, social and environmental interactions). For this reason, I studied Agroecology and Sustainable Rural Development at UCBerkeley (as part of academic interchange program) and studied (in many research stations, rural and urban farms of Cuba) how the Cuban agriculture changed after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when the necessity of feeding the population forced the adoption of a selfsustaining system of agriculture like organic production, urban agriculture, diversification, organic fertilization and agroforestry/agrosilvipasture systems, among other techniques. During my masters, I worked with no-tillage systems without herbicides as a transiton step for sustainable agriculture; and now, during my PhD, I will use crops models to simulate the impact of climate change and variation on agriculture and assess the potential of traditional crop varieties to participate of adaptation strategies for climate change in the Brazilian part of the La Plata Basin. I also was instructor of several trainings for farmers, technicians from public extension service, social movements and NGO’s, and students for Southern Brazil. The main topics were related to sustainable soil management and organic/sustainable agriculture.

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Eberswalder Strasse, 86



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