Full name

Laurens Klerkx

Institution / Affiliation

Wageningen University – Knowledge, Innovation and Technology Group

Short biography

Laurens Klerkx is assistant professor at the Knowledge, Innovation and Technology Group of Wageningen University (see, where he works since 2002. He holds a MSc in Tropical Agriculture, and a PhD in Communication and Innovation Studies. His research takes place in the realm of agriculture and the life sciences and focuses on: intermediary structures in innovation systems for matching demand and supply for knowledge and facilitation of multi-stakeholder collaboration to support innovation (innovation brokers); how such innovation brokers affect the dynamics in innovation systems and how they are perceived by ‘traditional’ knowledge intensive service providers (such as research institutes and consultants) and innovating firms; the structural dynamics of innovation networks over time and corresponding role divisions in innovation networks. His research is connected to micro-level studies of sustainability transitions, and tries to derive relevant insights on how to stimulate these. He works both in the European context and in developing and emerging countries such as Ghana, Kenya and Chile.

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Hollandseweg 1



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+31 317 484694


+31 317 84310