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Lucy Baker

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University of Sussex, School of Global Studies

Short biography

I am a Research Associate at the University of Sussex working on an ESRC-funded project, the Rising Powers, Clean Development and the Low Carbon Transition in Sub-Saharan Africa. This three-year project examines how, why and to what extent China, Brazil and India are enabling the transition to low carbon energy systems in Southern Africa, with a focus on South Africa and Mozambique. I completed my PhD in The political economy of socio-technical transitions in South Africa’s electricity sector in 2012, from the University of East Anglia, UK. I have fifteen years of experience working on issues of  development, environment and human rights.  Prior to my PhD I worked in policy, campaigns and research with a number of non-governmental organisations, including Oxfam, Amnesty International and Bretton Woods Project. My areas of expertise and interest include: socio-technical transitions and political economy; electricity governance in South Africa; development finance institutions and energy sector reform; climate change governance and financing; and human rights and transparency. I am a native speaker of English and am fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and French.

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Sussex House



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