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Martin Anda

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Murdoch University

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Martin Anda is an environmental engineer with over 30 years experience in the energy efficiency, renewable energy, water recycling and built environment sectors since completing a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) degree in 1982 at The University of Western Australia. He spent much of his early career in the 1980s working in the developing countries of Central America and upon returning to Australia working in remote Aboriginal communities training indigenous health workers in building environmental health infrastructure. A number of these years were spent designing and building ablutions facilities in fringedweller community-led participatory projects. Martin then returned to Perth to complete his PhD at Murdoch University during the 1990s and build the Environmental Technology Centre, a UNEP-affiliated research and demonstration centre where he won numerous research grants and progressed from Research Manager to Director. He continued to provide technology development and training services to developing countries and publish an extensive range of journal papers. During this time Martin also led the formation of community group Fremantle Inner City Agriculture (FINCA) and coordinated the creation and construction of their permaculture community garden. After leading the design and construction of award-winning research buildings at the Environmental Technology Centre he then designed and launched in 2007 the Environmental Engineering degree program at Murdoch University that is now fully accredited by professional body Engineers Australia. Martin worked with architect and builder to design and construct his family solar home in Fremantle in 2009 that incorporates a range of sustainability features. At this time also Martin combined his academic role with work in industry and spent five years as Principal Engineer Sustainability at ENV Australia leading a number of commercial consultancy projects including several large-scale water efficiency behavioural change programs for the Water Corporation.

Today, Dr Martin Anda is Academic Chair and Senior Lecturer in Environmental Engineering at Murdoch University in Western Australia. He coordinates and teaches several units including ENG452 Environmental Engineering Design, ENG459 Sustainable Urban Water Systems, ENG300 Environmental Technology for Sustainability and BRD250 Transitions to Post Carbon Society. Martin coordinates a team of postgraduate researchers in a group called Environmental Engineering & Life Systems (EELS) that are conducting a range of PhD research projects across water recycling, energy efficiency, waste management and resource recovery, carbon neutral settlements and green buildings. Martin is a founding member of the UDIA (WA) Envirodevelopment board of management to assess applications from the urban land development sector seeking to improve their environmental performance. He was chairman of the World Renewable Energy Conference held in Perth July, 2013 and is currently chair of the Organising Committee of the IWA International Conference on Sustainable Water Management to be held at Murdoch University in November, 2015.



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