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Medani Bhandari

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Akamai Universiry

Short biography

I have spent most of my career (25 years) focusing on the conservation of biodiversity (including wildlife biology) nature and natural resources, developing along the way expertise in global and international environmental politics, environmental institutions and governance, forest governance from the grassroots to the national level with a special focus on participatory management, climate change policy and implementation, environmental justice, and land cover and land use change and environmental health hazard. Specialties: Biodiversity, Environmental Health Hazard; Climate Change Mitigation, Climate Change Adaptation, International environmental governance, Green Economy, Sustainability, and assess the economic, social and environmental impacts on the natural resources. My field experience spans across Asia, Africa, the U.S., Western Europe, Australia, and the Middle East My teaching and research focus areas are sociology, environmental, political and organizational sociology, social change, social networks, as well as other courses, including global environment policy as well as and sustainable development, environmental sociology and natural resource sociology and open to contribute to core curriculum including introductory courses, environmental studies, social theory, social statistics, or social research methods as well as organizational and political sociology.

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2703 Coldstream LN APT 2A



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