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Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

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Since September 2009, Nicola Blum is writing a PhD at Prof. Hoffmann’s Chair of Sustainability and Technology.

She holds a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering, a master degree in management, technology and economics and a diploma in didactics from ETH Zurich and gained practical experience when working with Ciba’s “Product Stewardship and Issues Management” group in Basel, ATD QUART MONDE in Paris, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants in Zürich and during the one-year Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs (2010/11) where she worked for the social investor responsAbility in Zurich, Switzerland, the clean energy investor E+Co in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and San José, Costa Rica and the German International Cooperation GIZ in South East Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia). During her studies and her doctorate she receives a scholarship from the Swiss Study Foundation.

In her dissertation Nicola investigates economic, political and social conditions for the (non-)successful diffusion of Renewable Energy Village Grids in South East Asia.“

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+41 44 632 82 1