Full name

Raluca Nichiforel

Institution / Affiliation

Forestry Faculty, "Stefan cel Mare" University, Suceava, Romania

Short biography

After I finished the Forestry Faculty in 2000, I have worked for one year in a private furniture making company. Then, I had the chance to work for 4 years within the Romanian National Forest Administration, as a Forest Expert and I became familiar with the institutional framework, forest policies and activities in the Romanian forestry sector. During this time, I have also joined the COST Action E30, conducting research activities on „Economic Integration of Urban Consumers’ Demand and Rural Forestry Production” and interacting with highly recognized specialists in the field of natural resource management.
In 2005, in order to broaden my perspective, I decided combine my natural science background with the complexities of the social sciences. I have graduated the Master of Environmental Governance at Freiburg University, therefore acquiring a comprehensive analysis of governance mechanisms in relation to the wise use and conservation of environmental resources.
In the summer of 2006 I have taken part in the volunteer programme of FAO, which has given me the opportunity to exercise, prove and improve my research skills.
My ambition to consolidate my skills, to develop new ones and to keep updated with the latest issues in environmental policy and economics, determined me to enrol in a PhD programme, within the European Project POS DRU. My PhD research is focusing on the decision-making processes that lead to sustainable management of forest ecosystems, as well as on the identification of the factors and initiatives which are conducive to an effective governance of the forests in Romania.

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Bd. George Enescu, 10



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