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Paul Newbury

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University of Queensland

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Paul has recently completed his PhD research which applied a sectoral systems of innovation (SSI) approach to explore the global transformation of the electricity industry driven by a range of factors including the move to low-carbon energy systems, changing electricity usage patterns, government energy and environment policies and advances in renewable electricity generation, delivery and storage technologies. The study explored the interplay between the SSI core elements (knowledge & technology; actors & networks; institutions and demand) and how this impacts the patterns of innovation activity and the evolution of sectoral boundaries. Research participants included 12 Australian DNSPs and 6 DNOs from the UK participated in the study along with the AER, Ofgem, Energy Networks Association, CSIRO and Energy User Association of Australia. The research showed that when technological fluctuations and disruptions occur within a sectoral system, institutions that had traditionally and historically been stable for long periods, all of a sudden can be vulnerable. Specifically, the results show a growing divergence of what had historically been a synchronisation between the technological regime (transitional linear electricity supply chain technologies disrupted by non-networks electricity delivery technologies), the economic institutions (monopoly economic regulatory framework, underlying incumbent business models, competitive intensity, government asset ownership model, industry attractiveness), policy institutions (state and federal governments policies for energy and environment) and informal institutions (firm level organisational cultural constraints). The international nature of his research has seen Paul spend 7 months as a visiting scholar at University of Cambridge (UK) and INSEAD (France) in 2012 and 1 month at Tianjin University (China) in 2014 and Delhi, India in 2015. Paul has also presented his work at internationally UK, India, China, France, Germany, Spain, Ireland and Australia.

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4 Cartella Street



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