Full name

Paul-Marie Boulanger

Institution / Affiliation

Institut pour un Développement Durable

Short biography

Paul-Marie Boulanger is a Belgian social scientist born in 1950. A graduate in sociology from the Universities of Strasbourg and of Louvain, he has been active, first as academic then as independent researcher and consultant in the following domains: demography and social security (in developed countries); food security and famine prevention in Africa where he supervised and designed the methodology of the Early Warning Systems (SAP) of famines in Mali, Chad, Mozambique and Madagascar; and sustainable development. He is currently director and senior scientist of the “Institut pour un Développement Durable” (Institute For A Sustainable Development) where he coordinates researches on sustainability and well-being indicators, sustainability science, the multi-level perspective on transition energy efficiency, etc.

Work address

113 Chaussée de Chastre


B 5140

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32 10 417301


32 10 413649