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Sarah Bork

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TU Delft

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I completed both my Bachelor (Industrial Design) and Master (Strategic Product Design) at the Technical University of Delft. My interest for sustainability issues already started in my Bachelor. During the Master Strategic Product Design, from which I graduated with honors, I further specialized on the topic and earned the TU wide annotation for sustainability. For this I followed a number of sustainability courses at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia. After my graduation in 2012 I was asked to for a PhD position at the department Product Innovation Management of the faculty Industrial Design (TU), which I started in 2013. My research focuses at the role of stakeholders (consumers, companies, government, etc) and social context in the transition towards a new and more sustainable sociotechnical system for the transport sector with a focus on electric boats. The first aim of my research is to describe the current market (or regime and niches) and to find relevant drivers that enable the transition towards a more sustainable system. Furthermore, I would like to compare the transition towards electric boats with the transition towards electrification of other means of transport, such as cars and bicycles, to determine the interaction between these transitions. Finally, I believe being part of this research community will be very valuable for my research. I am looking forward to learning and sharing knowledge about this very inspiring topic.

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Prinsengracht 955D


1017 KL

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