Full name

Stephen Zavestoski

Institution / Affiliation

University of San Francisco

Short biography

Stephen Zavestoski received his B.A. from the University of Notre Dame, and his M.A. and Ph.D. in Environmental Sociology from Washington State University.

Dr. Zavestoski’s research areas include environmental sociology, social movements, sociology of health and illness, and urban sustainability. He has published more than 60 articles and book chapters and co-edited Social Movements in Health (2005, Blackwell) and Contested Illnesses: Citizens, Science, and Health Social Movements (2012, UC Press).

Dr. Zavestoski’s current work explores strategies to address both sustainability and public health through urban and transportation planning. This work has culminated in Incomplete Streets: Processes, Practices and Possibilities (2014, Routledge), co-edited with Julian Agyeman. Incomplete Streets problematizes the Complete Streets concept, a movement in urban sustainability and urban planning to design and engineer streets to enable safe access for all users–pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders. Complete Streets policies are typically justified in a number of ways, including their ability to meet a city’s sustainability and population health goals by making alternatives to the automobile viable. Incomplete Streets critically examines whether, or how, Complete Streets policies might undermine sustainability goals by exacerbating various forms of inequality.

His past work has also examined the role of information and communication technologies in facilitating public participation in environmental policymaking, and social psychological approaches to consumerism and ecological identity.

Work address

2130 Fulton St.



City / location

San Francisco



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(510) 375-9523