Full name

Togar Wiliater Soaloon Panjaitan

Institution / Affiliation

Petra Christian University

Short biography

Togar graduated from the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology in 2000 with a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering. In 2003, Togar obtained his MBA in Environmental and Energy Management in the University of Twente, Netherlands. Before pursuing career at Petra Christian University in 2005, he worked in several Construction Companies as engineer and project manager. In 2003, he did internship as a consultant in Municipality of Hengelo, Netherlands. His publications include a number of journal articles published in national accredited journal and International Journal, and also conferences. His academic interests and research area have expanded to sustainability and innovation within economics, technology, behavior, management, social, and policy particularly related to “green” and health and safety environment issues.

Work address

Kalidami IX/27



City / location