Full name

Tom Bosschaert

Institution / Affiliation

Except Integrated Sustainability

Short biography

Tom graduated with a master degree from the Delft University of Technology in Industrial Design Engineering, and a Masters of Architecture from Yale University. Since 1999 Tom is the founder and principal of Except, an integrated sustainability consultancy, research and design firm based in the Netherlands and the USA. With Except Tom has worked on four continents on projects with diverse subjects such as Agricultural systems, Transport systems, IT development, Policy, Management, Investment and Chemical engineering. The focus of Except is the integration of multi-disciplinary knowledge to reach symbiotic solutions between nature, society, market and the individual. Meanwhile Tom continues to expand the Architecture and Urban Design part of Except by working on integrated solutions for the built environment, such as autonomous cities, ecological service integration and the conversion of existing buildings and cities to attractive, sustainable real estate.

Work address

Stadhuisplein 15


3012 AR

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