Full name

Toon Zijlstra

Institution / Affiliation

Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public works and Watermanagement

Short biography

I studied Urban Design & Planning at the Technical University of Eindhoven and finished in 2009. My Master Thesis was about car-central thinking among planners and designers, resulting in a spatially defined form of automobile dependency. During my research on the thesis I met Rene Kemp and Flor Avelino at the Dutch Research Institute For Transitions (DRIFT). I currently work for the Dutch Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Spatial Planning. In the near future I hope to find or create a suitable Phd position and write several more interesting articles and essays on topics in the field of spatial planning, economics, transport and government policies.

Work address

Vlierboomstraat 310


2564 HS

City / location

Den Haag



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