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Vanesa Castan Broto

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Durham University

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The main topic of my research is how technology and environmental knowledge mediate the relationship between society and the environment. At present I am the ESRC Research Associate in the project Urban Transitions: climate change, global cities and the transformation of socio-technical systems, led by Harriet Bulkeley. My work focuses on the processes of social and technological innovation within the city, and, specifically, how urban infrastructures are being reconfigured in response to climate change. Prior to working in Durham I completed an Engineering Doctorate at the University of Surrey. My thesis focused on environmental issues associated with urban planning and the coal industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, analysing the processes of governance of environmental pollution risks and the role of science in environmental disputes. I am also interested in engaging with the practice of environmental policy, having previously been affiliated with policy-oriented institutions such as Forest Research and the Institute of European Environmental Policy.

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408 The Bar



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