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Avatar Full Name Institution / Affiliation City / Location Country
Yana Zabanova Governance in Emerging Economies Research Group/ University of Groningen Berlin Germany
Babak Zahraie University of Otago Dunedin New Zealand
vladimir Zakharov NNGASU, 65 Ilyinskaya St., 603950 Nizhny Novgorod Nizhny Novgorod Russia
Florian Zanatta University of Liège Liège Belgique
Marianne Zanon Zotin PPE/COPPE/UFRJ Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Stephen Zavestoski University of San Francisco San Francisco USA
M Zebian Doha Qatar
Ulrike Zeigermann Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg Magdeburg Germany
Irina Safitri Zen Office of Campus Sustainability Johor Bahru Malaysia
Peter Zeniewski University of Edinburgh United Kingdom
Heather Zeppel University of Southern Queensland Springfield Australia
Paolo Zeppini Eindhoven University of Technology Amsterdam Netherlands
Ulrike Zeshan University of Central Lancashire Preston United Kingdom
Jingjing Zhang Berkeley United States
Meizhen Zhang School of Management, China University of Mining and Technology Xuzhou China
Bingbing Zhou School of Sustainability, Arizona State University Tempe United States
Yuan ZHOU Tsinghua University Beijing China
Sigita Zigure Manchester Metropolitan University MANCHESTER United Kingdom
Toon Zijlstra Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public works and Watermanagement Den Haag Netherlands
Sharon Zivkovic University of South Australia Mawson Lakes Australia
Lucie Zvolska IIIEE LUND Sverige
Tjitske Anna Zwart KU Leuven Leuven Belgium
Joyce Zwartkruis PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency Bilthoven Netherlands
Displaying 1,901–1,923 of 1,923  1 2 18 19 20