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Avatar Full Name Institution / Affiliation City / Location Country
Giuliana Branciforti Humboldt University Berlin Germany
Hans Guenter Brauch AFES-PRESS Mosbach Germany
Hanna Brauers Technical University Berlin Berlin Germany
Lukas Braunreiter ZHAW/ETH Winterthur Switzerland
Alvaro Bravo Cole Central Saint Martins - University of the Arts London London United Kingdom
Kat Braybrooke University of Sussex, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin London / Berlin UK / Germany
Riobart Breen Anam Earth Center for Sustainability & Culture Clarksville United States
Helen Breewood Food Climate Research Network Warrington United Kingdom
Annika Bremicker University of Leeds Köln Germany
Sylvia Breukers Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) Amsterdam Netherlands
Julian Briggs University of Sheffield Sheffield UK
Michael Briguglio Universityof Malta Msida Malta
Laura Brinker University of Oxford Oxford United Kingdom
Judith Britnell Oxford Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development Oxford GB
Jess Britton University of Exeter FALMOUTH UK
Christoph Brodnik Vienna Austria
Kevin Broecks Utrecht University Utrecht Netherlands
Wendy Broers Zuyd University Heerlen Netherlands
Astrid Brousselle Longueuil Canada
Patrick Brown University of Oxford Charlotte, NC USA
Nils Brown Royal Institute of Technology, KTH Stockholm Sweden
Alison Browne Geography/Sociology, University of Manchester Manchester UK
Thomas Brudermann University of Graz Graz Austria
Andri Brugger Eawag: Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology Zürich Switzerland
Marcela Brugnach University Twente Enschede Netherlands
Andrea Bruhn Robert Bosch Stiftung Stuttgart Germany
Alicia Buchanan Wind, Water, & Energy Conservation St. Petersburg United States
Eva Buchinger Austrian Institut of Technology Vienna Austria
Andres Bucio School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia Norwich UK
Björn Budde Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) Vienna Austria
Markus Bugge NIFU Oslo Norway
Sibylle Bui Université Catholique de Louvain Louvain-la-Neuve BELGIUM
Rosie Bullock University of Birmingham NORTHAMPTON United Kingdom
Simon Bullock University of Manchester Manchester UK
Ellen Bulten Wageningen UR Wageningen Netherlands
nilufar bulut DRIFT/Erasmus University Rotterdam Eindhoven Netherlands
Simon Burandt Faculty of Sustainablity Lüneburg Germany
Mike Burbridge Curtin University Gooseberry Hill Australia
Sarah Burch University of Waterloo Waterloo Canada
Katharina Burger The University of Bristol Bristol United Kingdom
Renata Buriti Kassel University - Section of International Agricultural Policy and Environmental Governance Kassel-Doha Germany-Qatar
Matthew Burke University of Vermont Burlington USA
Amy Burnett Development in Transition UK UK
Wil Burns American University, School of International Service Berkeley United States
Jonathan Busch Sustainability Research Institute Leeds United Kingdom
Hans-Christian Busch University of Cologne Cologne Germany
Pia Buschmann Kassel Germany
Jonathan Busemann Institute for Ecological Economics, Vienna University of Economics and Business Hamburg Germany
Judy Bush The University of Melbourne Victoria Australia
Judy Bush The University of Melbourne Melbourne Australia
Aron Buzogány BOKU Vienna Wien Austria
Graeme Byrne Independent scholar Dingley Village Australia
Richard C. Feiock Florida State University Tallahasssee, Florida USA
Jan C. Minx Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change Berlin Germany
Sebastian Caballero Paz KTH Stockhokm Sweden
José Cabral Embrapa Fortaleza - CE Brazil
Duilio Calcagno Instituto de Capacitación Especial y Desarrollo de Ingeniería Asistida por Computadora (CEDIAC) Mendoza Argentina
Lucas Caldas Coppe/ Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Javier Caletrío Centre for Mobilities Research, Lancaster University Lancaster UK
Kirby Calvert Guelph Canada
Dr Camille Bellet Infection and Global Health, Liverpool Liverpool United Kingdom
Seona Candy Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI), University of Melbourne Melbourne Australia
Guido Caniglia Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research Klosterneuburg Austria
Carlos Cano Viktorsson KTH - Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm Sweden
Marco Capasso Maastricht University Maastricht Netherlands
Francesca Cappellaro University of Bologna Bologna Italy
Valerio Cappuccio UCL London UK
Vicente Carabias Institute of Sustainable Development Winterthur Switzerland
Michael Carba Clemson University Clemson USA
Arnfried Cardoso Ziebell Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra Lisbon Portugal
Antonio Carlos Braz Universidade de Sao Paulo Sao Paulo Brazil
Jose Carlos Lazaro-Silva-Filho Universidade Federal do Ceará, Brasil Fortaleza Ceara
Paul Carlson City of Columbus, Retired Columbus, Ohio United States
Anna Carlsson-Hyslop Low Carbon Research Institute Cardiff UK
Anna Carolina Navarro UNICAMP Campinas Brasil
Javier Carrillo-Hermosilla Univesity of Alcala Alcala de Henares Spain
Claire Carter SPRU, University of Sussex Brighton UK
Anabela Carvalho University of Minho Braga Portugal
Rafael Carvalho Machado Universidade Positivo Curitiba / PR Brazil
Corrine Cash University of Waterloo Kitchener, Ontario Canada
Matthew Cashmore University of East Anglia Norwich UK
Emma Cassar University of East Anglia Norwich United Kingdom
Vanesa Castan Broto Durham University Newcastle UK
Vanesa Castan Broto DPU UCL London UK
Diego Esteban Cattolica Lund University, department of Economic History Lund Sweden
Maëlle Caussarieu Aalborg University Copenhagen Denmark
Bianca Cavicchi Norwegian Agricultural Economics Research Institute Oslo Norway
Francesca Cellina University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland - ISAAC Canobbio Switzerland
Chiara Certomà Ghent University Gent Belgium
Alessandro Cerutti University of Turin (Italy) Grugliasco Italia
Stefan Cetkovic Bavarian School of Public Policy, Technical University Munich Munich Germany
Kim Ceulemans KU Leuven - University of Leuven Brussels Belgium
Aritra Chakrabarty Environmental Research Management (ERM) Mumbai India
Aritra Chakrabarty Environmental Research Management (ERM) Mumbai India
Josie Chambers University of Cambridge Cambridge United Kingdom
Cristina Chaminade Lund University (Economic History and affiliated to LUCSUS and Circle) and Aalborg University Lund Sweden
Donna Champion Nottingham Trent University Nottingham United Kingdom
Emile Chappin Delft University of Technology Delft Netherlands
Angéline Chartier University of Le Mans-ESO (Space and Society) Laboratory Le Mans France
Displaying 301–400 of 2,362  1 2 3 4 5 6 23 24