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Avatar Full Name Institution / Affiliation City / Location Country
Alessandro Cerutti University of Turin (Italy) Grugliasco Italia
Stefan Cetkovic Bavarian School of Public Policy, Technical University Munich Munich Germany
Kim Ceulemans KU Leuven - University of Leuven Brussels Belgium
Aritra Chakrabarty Environmental Research Management (ERM) Mumbai India
Aritra Chakrabarty Environmental Research Management (ERM) Mumbai India
Josie Chambers University of Cambridge Cambridge United Kingdom
Cristina Chaminade Lund University (Economic History and affiliated to LUCSUS and Circle) and Aalborg University Lund Sweden
Donna Champion Nottingham Trent University Nottingham United Kingdom
Emile Chappin Delft University of Technology Delft Netherlands
Angéline Chartier University of Le Mans-ESO (Space and Society) Laboratory Le Mans France
Ehtisham Chaudhary Muhammad University of Lahore Lahore Pakistan
Yixin(Candice) Chen Department of Geography, University of Waterloo Waterloo Canada
Aleh Cherp Central European University Budapest Hungary
Pauline Cherunya Eawag Dübendorf Switzerland
Shen-Tien Chi KPMG Sustainability Co. Ltd. Taipei City Taiwan
Lynn Chiu KLI Institute Klosterneuburg, Austria !
Hastings Chiwasa University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna Vienna Austria
Camilla Chlebna Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg Oldenburg Germany
RYNIKIEWICZ christophe MSH - Universite de Bourgogne Dijon France
Frank Chuang University College London London UK
Supot Chunhachoti ananta Chulalongkorn University Bangkok Thailand
Francesco Ciliberti Politecnico di Bari, DIASS Taranto Italy
Marie Claire Brisbois Utrecht University Utrecht Netherlands
William Clark Sustainability Science Program Cambridge United States
Vanessa Clarkson Foodways Consulting and Advisory & Deakin University Melbourne Australia
Jens Clausen Borderstep Institute for Innovation and Sustianability Hannover Germany
Jessica Clement EPFL Écublens Switzerland
Lars Coenen CIRCLE Lund Sweden
Lars Coenen Mohn Centre for Innovation and Regional Development, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences Bergen Norway
Matthew Cohen Arizona State University Tempe United States
Maurie Cohen New Jersey Institute of Technology Newrak United States
ashley Colby Rizoma Field School Colonia Valdense Uruguay
Jonas Colen Ladeia Torrens SPRU - Science Policy Research Uniti Brighton UK
Dr Anne-Marie Coles Greenwich University London UK
Magda Collado Viktoria Swedish ICT AB Gothenburg Sweden
Carolina Collaro Nova Gorica University,S.Elena Venice,Italy Napoli ITA
Elena Colli University of Milan-Bicocca Milan Italy
Ross Collins MIT Cambridge United States
Beck Collins Birmingham City University Birmingham UK
Daniel Conley University of Adelaide Adelaide Australia
Richard Conn Clayton Australia
Maria Contesse Wageningen University Santiago Chile
Talia Contreras University of York York United Kingdom
Matthew Cook Design Group, Open University Milton Keynes UK
Sean Cooke University of Cape Town Cape Town South Africa
Jonathan Cooper Liverpool John Moores University Liverpool UK
Clair Cooper University of Durham Stockton-on-tees United Kingdom
Vanessa Copa Monash University Melbourne australia
Xavier Coquil INRA Mirecourt France
Rosana Corazza Scence and Technology Policy Department Campinas Brazil
Olga Coretcaia Maastricht University Maastricht The Netherlands
Nicholas Corker Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Wallingford UK
Laura Cornish Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability Vancouver Canada
Kimberly Corrigan Facing The Future nonprofit/NGO Seattle United States
Inês Cosme CENSE - Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research (FCT NOVA) Lisbon Portugal
Evaldo Costa NUL Lisbon Portugal
Pedro Costa Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Francisco Costa CESNOVA Lisbon Portugal
Richard Couldrey Centre for Alternative Technology / University of East London London UK
Julia Cousse University of St.Gallen St.Gallen Switzerland
Ana Martha Coutiño Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm Sweden
Alex Covarrubias V Hermosillo México
Robert Cowley University of Westminster London UK
Hendrik Cramer University of Twente Enschede Netherlands
Marc Craps HUBrussel Brussel België
J. Cressica Brazier Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge USA
Tom Creten HIVA KULeuven Belgium
Wibke Crewett Research Centre for Sustainability Transfer and Sustainability Transformation; University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde Eberswalde Germany
Maarten Crivits Centre for Sustainable Development Gent Belgium
Beatrice Crona Stockholm Sweden
Evelien Cronin Flemish Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Research (ILVO) Ghent Belgium
Heather Cruickshank Canbridge University Cambridge United Kingdom
Yvonne Cuijpers copernicus institute for sustainable development Soest Netherlands
Robert Cummins University of Aberdeen Aberdeen United Kingdom
Eefje Cuppen TU Delft delft Netherlands
Martin D Richardson Royal Holloway University of London London UK
Luis D. Virla University of Calgary Calgary Canada
Everaldo da Silva State University of Ponta Grossa Ponta Grossa Brazil
Allan Dahl Andersen Management Engineering Kgs. Lyngby Denmark
Frederik Dahlmann Warwick Business School Coventry UK
Margareta Dahlström Karlstad University Karlstad Sweden
Matthew Daly Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney Ultimo Australia
Matthew Daly University of Wollongong Wollongong Australia
Stephen Daniel McGrail Monash University Melbourne Australia
Katherine Daniell The Australian National University Acton Australia
Cushla Dares Lincoln University Christchurch New Zealand
Ika Darnhofer Univ. of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna Austria
Martin David Herlmholtz Centre for Environmental Reseacrh - UFZ, Department Urban and Environmental Sociology Leipzig Germany
Nino David Jordan UCL ISR London UK
Juan David Patiño TU Delft Delft The Netherlands
Ben Davies Bath Business School, Bath Spa University BATH UK
Anna Davies Trinity College Dublin Dublin Ireland
Megan Davies Centre for Complex Systems in Transition, Stellenbosch University Stellenbosch South Africa
jessica de boer University of Groningen Groningen Netherlands
Heleen de Coninck Radboud University Nijmegen Netherlands
Tainan de Farias Nogueira Energy Planning Program - COPPE UFRJ Rio de Janeiro Brasil
Tessa de Geus DRIFT Rotterdam The Netherlands
Jaqueline De Godoy Aalborg University Aalborg Denmark
Vincent de Gooyert Radboud University Nijmegen The Netherlands
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