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Over 2000 scholars from various fields are part of STRN. The following search form can be used to query the database of our research community based on name, field, location, and institution. The sorting order can be changed by clicking on the column headings.

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Avatar Full Name Institution / Affiliation City / Location  Country
Alexander van der Vooren Utrecht University / PBL The Netherlands
Robert Boyer University of North Carolina at Charlotte USA
Ivaylo Hristov University of Plovdiv
Kasper Ampe TUDelft / Ghent University Belgium / Netherlands
Theophilus Amokwu National Institute of Development Administration, Thailand Thailand
Simon Heslop The James Hutton Institute UK
YING LI Yonsei University(Seoul, KR)
Lara Steup TU Berlin, Institute for Urban and Regional Planning Germany
Wendy Stubbs Monash University Australia
Jonathan Kohler Germany
Björn Wallsten Linkoping university Sweden
Tullia Jack The University of Melbourne Australia
Abhishek Agarwal Aberdeen Business School UK
Idil Gaziulusoy Victorian Eco-innovation Lab, Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning, University of Melbourne Australia
Jenny Rinkinen Lancaster University UK
Marianne Hoppenbrouwers University of Hasselt Belgie
Zohreh Karimmian University of Tehran Iran
katharina Biely Hasselt University Belgium
STRN Admin
Tobias Vorlaufer University of Amsterdam Netherlands
Thomas Macagno Chatham University United States
Tom Smith Sustainability Research Institute, University of Leeds UK
Wim Debucquoy ICTA-UAB
Chris Roorda DRIFT, Erasmus University Rotterdam Netherlands
Tom Creten HIVA KULeuven Belgium
Nicole Peterson UNC Charlotte United States
Radhika Perrot Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection, South Africa South Africa
Elisabeth van de Grift Delft University of Technology Netherlands
Rebecca Pearl-Martinez Center for International Environment & Resource Policy, Fletcher School, Tufts University United States
Vivette van Cooten Universiteit Utrecht Netherlands
Eva Ravn Nielsen DTU Energy Denmark
Chris Martin Department of Public Leadership and Social Enterprise, Tthe Open University
stella de wit PAHO
Michael Hecht Bauhaus University Weimar Germany
Paul Plummer - - -
Andrzej Strzałkowski University of Warsaw 02-793 Poland
Johnn Andersson Chalmers University of Technology 41470 Sweden
Christina Priavolou Tallinn University of Technology 45500 Greece
ennier kelly Soulve Innovations 8193 Netherlands
Sven Eggimann EMPA 8600 Dübendorf Switzerland
Nazila Keshavarz Independent Researcher Aachen Germany
Paul Szabo-Müller RWTH Aachen University Aachen Germany
Stephan Hankammer RWTH Aachen University Aachen Germany
Enza Lissandrello Aalborg University Aalborg Denmark
Jaqueline De Godoy Aalborg University Aalborg Denmark
Mikko Jalas Aalto university School of Arts, Design and Architecture Aalto Finland
Armi Temmes Aalto University Aalto Finland
Lance Noel Aarhus University Aarhus Denmark
Jessica Aschemann-Witzel Aarhus University, MAPP Centre Aarhus Denmark
Gabriele Torma AU University, Denmark Aarhus Denmark
Ahmed Butu Ibrahim Robert Gordon University Aberdeen UK
Lee-Ann Sutherland James Hutton Institute Aberdeen UK
Elizabeth Dinnie The James Hutton Institute Aberdeen UK
Giulio Mattioli The Centre for Transport Research . School of Geosciences . University of Aberdeen Aberdeen United Kingdom
David Flood University of Aberdeen Aberdeen United Kingdom
Kirsty Holstead James Hutton Institute Aberdeen UK
Robert Cummins University of Aberdeen Aberdeen United Kingdom
Natasha Simmonds University of Aberdeen Aberdeen UK
Annabelle Harris Routledge Abingdon UK
Lakshmi Natarajan Masdar Institute of Science and Technology Abu Dhabi UAE
Flavio Odoi-TYorke Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (Including Climate Change) Accra Ghana
Alice Anima Aboagye University of Ghana Accra Ghana
Katherine Daniell The Australian National University Acton Australia
Masresha Taye International Livestock Research Institute - ILRI Addis Ababa Ethiopia
Peter Mylius-Clark University of Adelaide Adelaide South Australia
Daniel Conley University of Adelaide Adelaide Australia
Adam Simpson University of South Australia Adelaide Australia
Stella Apostolaki American College of Greece Aghia Paraskevi Greece
Vidhee Avashia Indian Institute of Management Ahmadabad Ahmedabad India
Saritha Vishwanathan Indian Institute of Managemetn-Ahmedabad Ahmedabad India
GAURAV Joshi KRISH ( Klimate Research Institute for Sustainable Habitat) AHMEDABAD
Tammy Esteves Alameda United States
Javier Carrillo-Hermosilla Univesity of Alcala Alcala de Henares Spain
Ahmed M. Soliman Architecture Department, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt Alexandria Egypt
Ahmed M. Soliman Architecture Deoartment Alexandria, Egypt Egypt
Jacob Hörisch Alanus University Alfter Germany
nadra mahmoudi sonelgaz alger Algérie
Patrícia Tourais Ferreira CENSE - FCT/UNL Amadora Portugal
Marjolijn Wortel Amersfoort The Netherlands
Kirsten Hollaender Project Management Ageny, Department Environment, Culture and Sustainability, DLR Amersfoort Germany
Cornelia Flora Iowa State University Ames USA
Seyedesmaeil Mousavi Chalmers University of Technology Amstelveen Netherlands
Ans Kolk University of Amsterdam Business School Amsterdam Netherlands
Adrien Tofighi University of Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands
Jens Gronheid Utrecht University Amsterdam Netherlands
John-Luca de Vries University of Amsterdam/Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam The Netherlands
Marlous Blankesteijn Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands
Samantha Scholte Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP) Amsterdam Netherlands
Sjoerd Bakker FreedomLab / Dasym Investment Strategies Amsterdam The Netherlands
Olufolahan Osunmuyiwa Institute for Environmental Studies, Vrije University Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands
Misha Velthuis Open Universiteit & Technische Universiteit Eindhoven Amsterdam Netherlands
Joana Ozorio de Almeida Meroz Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Amsterdam The Netherlands
Eleftheria Vasileiadou Technology, Innovation and Society at Eindhoven University of Technology Amsterdam Netherlands
Mark de Hoop Metropolitan Area Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands
Displaying 1–100 of 2,801 1 2 3 28 29