New STRN governance structure

The STRN network has grown considerably in recent years and has become the major platform and meeting place for researchers interested in large-scale transformation associated with sustainability. At the same time, key tasks such as the exchange of information, maintenance of the website, updating the research agenda, or organization of IST conferences and other events require efficient and professional handling. This is why the STRN steering group has developed guidelines for the governance of the network with the following organizational structures.

  • A Board of 3 persons (including the chair), which coordinate the network and have responsibility for core operational tasks,
  • A Steering group of approximately 15 scholars, which elect the board members and give strategic advice on the development of the network,
  • Working groups that coordinate strategic tasks in a temporary, project based way and
  • Thematic groups, which are longer-term fora for interaction of STRN members on specific research topics.

Steering group (SG) members are experienced transition scholars and / or those who play or want to play an active role in developing the STRN network further. Members of the board and steering group will take over specific tasks and function as contact persons for working groups, thematic groups and STRN members more generally.

The SG strives for representational diversity, e.g. in terms of gender, age, topics, research groups and region. As a new feature, there will be two SG membership positions that specifically represent PhDs and Postdocs. There is also one position for the editor of EIST and two positions for IST conference organizers (current and upcoming year). New SG members will be elected by the steering group for a term of 2 years. Each year about one third of the SG shall be renewed.

The Board will be responsible for core operational tasks including the newsletter, website and mailing list, interaction with EIST and interaction with external actors on behalf of STRN.

Working groups are in charge of certain strategic or operational STRN tasks that require close and intense collaboration by a small number of people (e.g. renewal of research agenda, major re-design of website etc.). They are coordinated by a member of the steering group and may also include STRN members more broadly.

Thematic groups are groups of STRN members that want to gather around particular thematic sub-themes on a regular basis (e.g. geography of transitions, politics of transitions, transition modeling etc.) and present themselves as such to the network and beyond.

The new guidelines have become effective in June 2016. In Fall 2016, four new members of the Steering group and the members of the Board will be elected. Those who are interested are welcome to apply – details can be found in the 20th STRN newsletter. The deadline is July 31st, 2016.

STRN steering group


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