October 17, 2017: Webinar on Informal Institutions

TransLACASAF webinar on the theme of informality.

How can transitions scholars include and conceptualize “informal” institutions, routines and networks?

17 October 2017, 3-4pm (CEST). Presenters are Monica Ramos-Mèjia and Elsie Onsongo.

The webinars are a platform for discussions within the transitions research community and beyond, on critical questions that have been raised in regard to the applicability and usefulness of transition frameworks in a different setting than the industrialized/western countries where they originate from. We invite not only researchers who work on Global South topics but also those who work on OECD countries, as cross-learning between the two sub-categories can provide useful insights to the broader transitions research.

Share with us your email address at transitions.globalsouth@gmail.com to receive an invitation to the scheduled Google Hangouts. You can also follow via YouTube


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