Research Agenda

STRN works to improve scientific understanding of sustainability transitions through a program of networking, research coordination and synthesis activities organized around eight research themes.

Our research agenda from 2019 specifies the research and policy challenges that the network is currently engaged with. It has been published in EIST (link) and a pre-print version is also freely available here.

This document can be a useful resource and guide for those who are new to the field and/or want to get an overview. It is the result of a collective effort of many scholars who actively work in the field. While we tried to be inclusive, this document could not cover all aspects of transition studies. Most importantly, we do not mean to exclude views or contributions that are not explicitly covered. It is an invitation to engage with the perspectives and topics mentioned but also, to go beyond it.

If you have suggestions or comments, please contact Jonathan Köhler or any other member of the STRN steering group.

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