New Thematic Groups


Interest in Creating a Thematic Group?

We are reaching out to the community to propose new Thematic Groups. Thematic Groups (TGs) are self organized
spaces to foster collaboration and knowledge pertaining to a particular theme related to sustainability transitions. They are established and coordinated by STRN members who wish to engage with a particular thematic area on a regular basis and provide a forum and space for collective thinking on a particular subject.
We seek to accommodate emerging themes with which the transitions community wants to engage. Therefore, we intend to have a regular call for new thematic groups. TGs are formed by at least five members of the STRN community who wish to gather around a certain sub-theme on a regular basis and present themselves as such  to the network and beyond.
Activities of TGs may include the organization of workshops, conference sessions, special issues, writing research proposals, webinars, etc. TGs are visible on the STRN website with a general description, key activities, (a selection of) key publications and information on how others can get involved. Thematic groups are run on a voluntary basis, e.g., for a couple of years, and they can also be terminated again. A small amount of funding is available to support the thematic groups to help facilitate workshops and other key activities. 

If you are interested in setting up a new TG, please put together a short application (max. 2 pages) to address the following:
1. Purpose of the TG
2. Relevance of the TG to STRN
3. How the TG will advance STRN
4. How it will foster greater collaboration within the STRN community
5. A plan for key activities and intended output
6. How the TG will support PhDs and Early Career Researchers
7. At least five initial members
8. Name and contact information of a dedicated contact person

The application will be reviewed by the STRN Steering Group. TGs are initially approved for three years. TG organizers and members of the Steering Group will then evaluate the benefits of continuation or termination. We intend to review thematic groups once per year in the Fall.

If you have any questions or want to propose a TG, please reach out to

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